Project Quincy

Project Quincy is an open source software package for tracing historical networks through time and space named after John Quincy Adams (1767-1848). Project Quincy is built in python/django over a custom database written in mysql. Project Quincy ran The Early American Foreign Service Database and was the subject of Jean Bauer's dissertation, Republicans of Letters: The Early American Foreign Service as Information Network, 1775-1825.

Development is on pause pending a full rewrite.

Project Quincy (trace the network)
Project Quincy (trace the network)

Database Diagrams

Project Quincy encodes the world of 18th Century diplomacy and the original filing system of the U.S. State Department in SQL.

The system is built around two core modules: Assignments (where/when an officer was posted) and Letters (exchanged between individuals and places).

There is also a Validations module which uses django's generic relationships to connect a footnote to any row of the database.

And last, but far from least, Individuals are connected to each other by kinship, correspondence, and organizational membership.

I hold Napoleon personally responsible for the complexity of the Locations Module.

Diagrams generated with DAVILA.